Thursday, August 14, 2008


I have been blogging in different venues for a couple of years and actually have a blog on this topic on HBO's website under Big Love. Since I haven't figured out how to transfer those blog posts to here I will give you a synopsis of my story up until now. I'm sorry if this leaves holes or questions unanswered but I will do my best to eventually get all that information to this site eventually. In the meantime if you comment with questions I will try to answer.

I am pretty new to a plural family. I use that term because we are not Mormons, nor fundamentalists. As a matter of fact we are all of different religions and none at all. Some would refer to us as secular polygamists.

I feel it's important to get out information about people who live this lifestyle who are basically the folks next door. Ours is a story you may find helpful or interesting, well I hope anyway. This family began as a monogamous marriage, approximately 9 or 10 years later a second wife was added, and 15 years after that, I became the third wife. How I met my husband and how and when I was convinced to join this family is a story unto itself. I intend along the way for it to unfold. I joined the family officially almost a year ago, but only moved into our home this past March. So, I call myself "new#3".

Our family consists of hubby, wife#1, their two sons, wife #2, myself, my children who are grown and who don't live with us, and a son of hubby's from another marriage. One of his sons with wife#1 lives next door with his wife and two small sons. The reason I don't use our real names is to protect certain family members who would rather not have our life stories exposed to the public. Our husband is aware that I blog about our life and approves.

Right now I'm feeling frustrated because I would love to include my Big Love Blog here as an archive, maybe what I'll do is copy and paste occasionally. Until then I'll just wing it I guess. I hope you stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

hi -- I just found this blog, and I'd like to go back and read the one you have on Big Love -- would you be comfortable sharing the link to it so we can go back and read from the beginning? Thank you!

WiccanWoman said...

I have added you to my blogroll. We are the same, yet quite different. I wish you love and contentment, and hope you will visit me....