Friday, January 23, 2009

Mid January and I' m feeling hopeful that this year will be an improvement over last. I decided that instead of lettin life control me totally I'm going to be more proactive. The community college here has a program for seniors, it's shocking how young you can be and still fall in to this category. After looking over the classes offered at a very reasonable rate, I chose yoga, swimming/exercise and oil painting. I am a good swimmer and I need exercise badly, unfortunately the last time I went to a gym I hurt my knee and had to let that membership go to waste. Yoga is something I have practiced off and on my entire adult life, not nearly as much as I should have in the past 20 years so I think a few yoga classes will do me some good :) I'm actively looking for a book club to join. All of these are designed to help me meet people in my new hometown. I'm horrified when I think that I have been here a year and haven't really met anyone I can call up and say how about a coffee at Starbucks? It is so unlike me to be this much of a hermit.

Here is what else I think. I think that if I follow through on all of this I will be a more attractive person to Hubby. Ok I don't know how many of you have read my old blog but I am a good deal older than Hubby. It never bothered me until this year. It's like someone waved a diabolical wand over me and said AGE you f*****! You have no right to look younger than you are, wipe that cat that swallowed the canary grin off your face and act as well as look your age!


If I could find one I would take a Laughter Yoga class! There is such a thing and I have researched it and written about it. I believe it works. Laugh yourself to well being and happiness is not as silly a concept as it sounds.

Oh, on top of all this I am not going to let another year pass without BEACH TIME. I thrive at the beach. Folks used to go to the beach for health purposes back in the dark ages haha, and it works! When I go to the beach my allergies disappear along with the dark circles under my eyes and the wrinkles on my forehead. The salt air heals and nourishes my skin. And the vitamin D from the sun does wonderful things. My head clears and I become peaceful. There is no beach per say near my home now so this effort will involve trips!!!! yay! I'm already putting away the pennies :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Yet another challenge..

The new year has brought us another challenge!
For about 15 months the oldest son here and his wife plus two kids have lived in a house behind ours. The house I originally purchased for myself.
They are very young and don't manage their finances well, and over the holidays let their utility payments go, you can guess that result!
So they have moved in here for a week until things get taken care of...let's hope it's a week.

As it is I babysit anywhere from 3-6 days a week while they are working if they have a schedule conflict. I am crazy about those children so it's not much of a burden usually. with this new situation they are ALL sleeping here and here 24/7 - its' the weekend so they are off.
OMG, there are 10 of us in this one house at the moment!

In cases like this (emergencies) I tend to go with the flow and just raise up my hands and give in to it....but you have NOOOOO idea how messy these young people are! And how tight it is in the house. Under ordinary circumstances they are here a lot anyway, but now they don't leave at 7 or 8 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The living room is totally taken up by their MESS. It's hard on them I'm sure, but it is really a test for us.

#2 is particularly cranky lately...more on that another time.
#1 is getting cranky which is unusual for her.
Hubby has conceded that his privacy and living room time are severely compromised!!!
and I am trying to stay out of the way!

So here I sit in front of the's no more private in here...remember it's the weekend, and the teenager isn't in school and had the audacity to invite a friend for the weekend! oh my friends that is another I differ from everyone else in child rearing/teenager dealing!

People wonder what I get from blogging?

Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year with some resolution

New Year's resolutions ar traditional, but I've never been one to make any. I smoke, I tried the quit smoking one a couple of times and it didn't work. I cuss like a "sea going sailor" as my dad would say, I suppose I could promise to cut back on cussing, but why? It's not like I cuss at inappropriate times or places. I could promise to spend less, except I already do that. I might promise to keep in touch with old friends, but we all know that after time old friends either reciprocate or they don't, it's beyond our control. So in thinking about what I could promise for the New Year I've come up with the following things I will TRY - no promises. Promises sometimes get broken and that can lead to disappointment.

1) I will TRY to smoke less. This is a good one. It can't hurt to try to keep this and I honestly think I can do it.
2) Hidden Sage recommended I take a class of some sort as an avenue to meet people and make friends. It's a good sound idea so I will TRY to follow through. If I can't find something at the community college, then I will at the very least join the book club at the library, since reading is a past time of mine that I have allowed to slip away, and since there will be people there to talk to and perhaps find things in common with. I would love eventually to take a photography course.
3) I am going to really TRY to get out of the house every day for one reason or another. Enough said on this, except that not getting out leads to depression - I'm a firm believer in that.
4) I will TRY to write more. Writing feels good.
5) I am going to TRY to find someway of feeling better about wife #2.

FIVE things to try. It seems like a lot of things at first but after all 2009 has 365 days in it. I don't expect to accomplish all five things in one shot. Number 3 will be the easiest and the hardest will be number 5. But I WILL try. Promise.