Monday, February 18, 2013

Relationship markers; internet friends and some other stuff

First Christmas without your ex; first Valentine's Day etc...I must confess missing my plural relationship is not a daily had just gotten too hard. One thing I've noticed though is that it must have really filled up my life because I have too many days with not much to do.

I am glad to see NTPW posting again and Older and Weiser having some well deserved success. It seems many of the blogs I follow are pretty inactive these days. Border Collie, a very loyal blog reader, has lost her beloved husband and I'm sure is going through the healing process. I noticed in one of her comments on another blog she mentions that it's strange that internet friends can mean so much. It's not really strange. These internet friendships come in many shapes, sizes, colors and types and have one thing in common ...well mostly...there is no need for pretense. I also find them refreshing and wonderful and miss many of those folks I have connected with over the years.

Living alone, sadness, poor real life relationships - all are reasons that internet friends are a positive in our lives. There have been times in my past when they were almost all I had. Anyone who doesn't understand this, I don't know how to explain it.

This winter has been so much worse than the last one. Lots and lots of snow and a real honest to goodness blizzard. My doctor thinks I may have that winter blues syndrome - I forget what it's called. I think he may be on to something. I can't wait for summer.