Sunday, June 14, 2009

Important Things

Here I am again!
2 posts/ 1 day
I'm impressing myself.

Anyway, if you scroll down you'll see a breast cancer awareness pink ribbon. I confess that I used to avoid those. Walks, runs, benefits, all avoided because of the symbolic pink ribbon. In my private world, breast cancer did not exist. Out of the blue not long ago I started to let go on the avoidance somewhat. There are all these cute, upbeat, breast cancer sayings on the internet.I haven't missed the irony of having those particular words in one sentence.

"Save second base," is one. Very cute, almost sexy and geared for my generation. Does second base even exist today?

"Save the TaTas," is another. Girlfriendy (sorry not a real word)and sassy.

There are others. I like them. They send their message without making me think of death.

They are many times accompanied by the pink ribbon. Hubby and his oldest son got tattoos of the pink ribbon with my name in it. I was deeply touched.So..the pink ribbon is added to my blog.

Gosh, you all have become my girlfriends in my new life, even you Hidden Sage! I mean that in the best sense you can think of HS. This is what I'm missing from my sister wives. Much as I love #1 and have come to appreciate some of #2's qualities,somehow I can't ramble with them, or vent, or gossip or any of that girl chatter we women can do that is as meaningful as it is silly. You, the readers here, are that for me. Even, I dare say those anonymous folk from a few months ago that trolled our blogs just to pick a fight. We all have had girlfriends that rubbed us the wrong way at times.

So the point is, it crossed my mind that the forces more powerful than I, won the avoid the pink ribbons battle with me. Let me tell you I'm not talking about God, but something or someone whose intention is to get my attention. Or, something that could be saying, "pay back's a bitch." Karma perhaps. However, in an attempt to stay positive and receptive to good power, I'm pushing those thoughts from my mind.

Now you know why I'm angry. Important things high up on the shelf went ignored for years. I'm angry at myself.


ChristianFundyMom said...

Three things :)

First, I have been reading your blog FOREVER it seems and now I finally have the courage to write a comment :) I'm very excited about it!

Second, I love and totally agree with your comment about "cyberworld" becoming better friends then the sister wives (in a sense) I have ALWAYS found that pen and paper are more patient then man. I gives me a chance to get out my TRUE feelings before being interrupted. Also I can revise and edit what sounds really harsh :P Which is ALOT! I'm working on the managing my tongue! I appreciate your honesty and openess to your marriage :)

Lastly, When I read you at breast Cancer I cried. I feel like I have gotten to know you through your blog and it broke my heart. I IMMEDIATELY voted to blog about your brave walk with your "set back" because I was overwhelming upset by it. I wanted you to know I am sending up prayers for you and your family! Prayers for healing and prayers for PEACE! This isn't going to define you! This is a test God has given you and judging from your blog, you are going to kick A$$ and take names, I know it! If you need any additional prayers, blog about them!! "Where two or more are gathered, He is there"

In Love
ChristianFudymom~ Nikki

new#3 said...

Nikki, thank you sooo much! Please do more commenting, I really do love reading the comments here :) I wish you I laugh because I am a kick ass and take names kind of gal!