Friday, December 2, 2011

"Sister Wives" Women in Love Need Time

I've watched the season finale of "Sister Wives" again, and I have to say as much as I admire the friendship between Meri and Robyn, I wish I could take more of a liking to Robyn. I wish I wasn't feeling unsettled about the Brown family, and disappointed in Kody.

I totally understand Christine and even Janelle's hesitancy toward her. Christine admits it...she hasn't been totally welcoming to Robyn. They may even miss the close relationship they thought they had, with Meri, but apparently wasn't enough for Meri...

Dare I say it's Kody's fault? Picture perfect Kody? He usually is so good at being loving toward everyone. However his blemishes have come out since Robyn became #4. He is still smitten with her like a school boy. And for some reason, the Brown children haven't completely accepted Robyn's children by her first marriage, and aren't thrilled with the new baby. This leads me to believe that Kody isn't spending enough quality time with all the children, and he really may want to think twice about he and Robyn having another.

As for Robyn's offer to Meri...If that would include transplanting a fertilized egg of Meri's in to Robyn then sure, I guess.

You know I realize it's difficult being a polygamous husband. I just think Kody added to his problems by adding a 4th wife. He may have enough love to go around to everyone including the kids, but there are only so many days in the week. His marriages are love marriages, not arranged by some prophet. Women in love require time. Which is why I always made such a big deal about a schedule.

If Kody doesn't figure out how to make everyone feel appreciated and equally loved he runs the risk of becoming very unhappy, which would be a shame. He thinks all his problems will be resolved by moving everyone to their very own cul-de-sac....Well it would be a start, but realistically when is that going to happen? The Browns seem to dream big. I hope they get their dream.


Non-Traditional Polygamist Wife said...

In defense of the Browns, what we see on television is a very small peice of their lives and not the entire picture. Editing is a wonderful thing and is needed to create drama to keep us watching.

I do howevr agree time has to be an issue with such a large family. and I have no idea how Kody juggles it all. M says having just two of us is work at times.

I do watch the show, but i always remind myself it is reality tv and there is ALOT we do not see.

new#3 said...

I know there is a great deal we don't see and reality tv producers will opt for showing as much drama as they can. I think I'm just bothered by what seems to me is an upsetting of the apple cart where adding Robyn and her children to the family are concerned.

The Brown children weren't given enough time to get used to the idea I don't think, and now they seem to be expressing resentment which is a shame.

How many wives is enough? Sometimes I even think 3 is a lot.

Older and Weiser said...

LOL, heck, sometimes ONE can be a lot! I think it is about balance. Any time you add a new person, you are going to throw off the balance. I don't watch the show, but it sounds like it may have been too much too soon, maybe?

I have seen them in many interviews (minus the new wife Robyn), and they seem to have their act together--level-headed, open communication, clear expectations.

I do know that adding someone before everyone is on board is recipe for disaster. Was this a unilateral decision by Kody, or did the family all agree to bring her and her brood into the fold?

new#3 said...

They all agreed. BUT it was initially Meri's idea ( wife #1) and they all were somewhat jealous at first. Even Meri. I think the balance got upset from the beginning because they all lived quite comfortably in one huge house with three separate living quarters..3 kitchens, 3 living rooms etc. all attached and when Robyn married Kody she moved in to a house down the street. Just my opinion but I think that was a problem. Also, she's younger, had three children from her first marriage. Totally different circumstance than the other three. They all knew each other before too I think.

You're right though. They do seem quite level headed so it will all work out.