Sunday, September 27, 2009

hair and polygamy

Well, my hair decided to fall out the slow way...thinning, not in clumps. Just as yucky a way though if you ask me. Finally, yesterday, I had enough of it and asked Hubby to shave the rest off. It wasn't pleasant for him but he did it. It's an odd feeling, having no hair. wow.

One thing about the living situation here that is a plus for me while I am going through this, Hubby is always here. I don't have to wait for my day to ask him to do something like that. I'm not totally alone in the house five nights a week. And there is usually a sister wife around...well, that's not always a plus lol but sometimes it is!

I miss painting and writing and I wish I had the ability to concentrate on those things. Other than that this has been a week of feeling pretty good.

Hubby keeps reminding me he loves me and keeps apologizing for having such a difficult time dealing with things. Sometimes I just wish he would shut up lol...I hope the sister wives appreciate all the "extra" time they have been having with him because when all is said and done I intend to make up for lost time!


Ana said...

I am happy your spirit is so high. You make me smile. You are such a wonderful inspiration. Keep up the good work. Now, you truly know how very much hubby loves you. Sometimes it takes special things to happen to make us feel the love that we so often take for granted. You're beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Now will be the interesting part about losing your will it come back? Sometimes it is a different color. Mine came back curly! After 45 years of bone straight (think Cher) hair, I have waves and curls!
You sound like you are feeling better than your earlier posts and I am glad for you. W

3rd... said...

:) happy you are ok.. hope u try and wear your new look with a certain level of pride.. there is strenght in it, the strenght of a survivor