Sunday, September 20, 2009

Things seem to get worse before getting better don't they?

Well shortly after writing the last post I had my first post chemo treatment blood test. Not a good result. My white blood cell were down off the chart and I was put on a shot to boost them back to normal. I cannot tell you how lousy I felt. This particular shot gives some folks horrible bone pain, I was lucky that I only had that for a day..but what a day it was. On the third day the next blood test proved that I had mended quite well and I've started to feel better. So it seems I will have 2 yucky weeks and 1 good week. Hey that's better than all of them being bad right?

At the moment I'm feeling pretty good and hoping that Hubby notices. He has been getting very down about the way I feel and my lack of energy to do almost anything. I may even cook dinner tonight for the family! That will be great.

I may even venture to art class this week. Hopefully I will be lucky to have chemo treatment 2 be easier on me.

Everyone has been helpful, I feel badly that I complain but I know I of the not so great character traits I've inherited I think.

I think I will take some of the advice posted here. Perhaps forgetting about the cancer for a day will be healing :) Thank you D~


Ana said...

Hi there new#3. I'm sorry I'm just finding out about your trial. I'm glad you're keeping yourself busy with activities that you enjoy. It's very important that you do that and try to maintain a positive opimistic outlook. I admire you and your strength. Sounds like you're doing very,very good. You could overcome this adversity; I know you can. I believe that statement wholeheartedly that thing get worse before they get better. They will get better for you; I pray they will. Isn't it so true new#3, our trials let us see life in a whole different light. Feel better and stay strong! :-) Big hugs for you!

3rd... said...

I am so happy you feel a bit better.. :)

Hidden Sage said...

The night is always darkest before dawn, but once's dawn comes in, the world around you explodes with color!

Anonymous said...

You remain in my thoughts and prayers. I am sorry this has been such a difficult year for you (understatement?) but hope there are brighter days ahead. Sometimes we have to muddle through what has been sent to us one day, even one hour at a time. W