Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Writing and Painting

I used to think I couldn't paint...well I can't lol very well...but it is the hobby I took up when I moved to Hubby's part of the world, as a way of meeting people etc. I believe Hidden Sage first suggested it. I met this group of women roughly my age who while I didn't have a hell of a lot in common with them, I liked them. Of course, the friendships only went so far as I didn't feel I could share my lifestyle choice with them, but in a way I miss them. And I missed the painting so I've begun to pick it up again, it relaxes me. It has taken the place of my writing for the most part. Writing is more disciplined and exact, and my concentration isn't great at the moment.

I admire those who can just sit down and write. I need either inspiration or an assignment...and I have neither right now. This blog has taken the place of a journal. Unfortunately, it's not daily. I think it would be even more boring to people than it is now, if I were to start blogging every single day. So...where is my notebook? lol


Older and Weiser said...

I would love to see your work!

Border Collie said...

You are NOT boring #3. And I thank you for the support and prayers. Ron is off vent after 12 days on so we didn't have to make the "decision" this time. They are always asking what he wants done and all indications I get are he wants to be saved. He is beond weak can't sit or stand so will have to work really hard to come home. Told him I'm not going to visit in a rehab place cuz they are in bad areas w/no parking and nasty people so he has to bypass them and come here. And don't bother me with therapists coming 2x day either. Just get better now rather than later. Mean bitch I am, not really, but he tends to be depressed and will baby himself. He is scared & I don't blame him, but he needs to get on with it, as well as he can. Anyway, that's my update.

ltlwch said...

Hello #3,

I found your blog today in researching plural marriage. This is something I'm considering with a few differences. I'm trying to find direction and appreciate the honesty when you talk about the issues.

I'm sorry to hear about the cancer and the strain in your marriage. I sincerely hope for only the best.

new#3 said...

Itlwch, ask away if you have questions..