Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dear HBO.COM and some real stuff

My heart is broken! The new website gives me no choice but to give away my identity to my family and friends and frankly that leaves me feeling I have to be careful of what I say. Plus they don't warn you until the end when you have to choose between three of THEIR suggestions, all of which contain either first name and last initial, first initial and last name or both names!! wth! grrrr withay where ever you are please tell me I'm wrong :) Plus I couldn't find a member created thread anywhere:/

I broke down last. At about 2 am I came out of my room and walked into Hubby and my office where #2 was sitting reading and Hubby was on the computer. I asked for a few minutes to talk to Hubby in private and then proceeded to cry uncontrollably and then Hubby called a family member who is a counselor and asked them to call the house. It was very helpful to talk to someone who had some understanding of my feelings. Of course unfortunately, this monopolized the rest of Hubby's night. I'm not sure if #2 was making a dig or not when she mentioned today that I had asked for a few minutes. Mind you, Tuesdays are Hubby's to do with as he pleases; Tuesday doesn't belong to any of the wives.

I think I am going to search poly blogs for posts about schedules...


Anonymous said...


Wouldn't it be much easier just to let all the secrecy go?

We have only one life....don't hide it away.

Best wishes

new#3 said...

actually 3rd you're right but it's just like only a few family members know about this blog. I don't know why but I find it easier this way..

Anonymous said...

Hey Sweetie, Sorry you are so down. The HBO thing has many of us up in arms. There is a way around their questions. Change your first name to I'm and your second name to LISM. Or what ever you want your nickname to be. We don't Have to give them our real names! And you can change it even if you have already registered. Look on the thread for old members.
Some of us have also started posting on: http ://

It is set up more like the old boards. I am not giving up yet but I can only handle a short time on the new boards. Withay