Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas! I have always had ambivalent feelings toward Christmas..I love it and I hate it all at once..I have to say though, Hubby makes a wonderful Christmas, unlike some other men I've known, he is really in to the preparations which makes it a whole lot easier for everyone! Clean up of wrapping paper and dinner dishes is much easier with more hands on deck too. Although three women trying to get along in one kitchen is a sight to see and can get loud.

The kitchen is my purview, mine and Hubby's, but everyone helps during the holidays, thank goodness.

I've added a new tradition to the family. They have always taken the decorations down on the 26th or 27th...we are going to wait this year until the Feast of the Epiphany, January 6th, is over. No one has complained yet, so thankfully this is smooth going so far!

This is not unlike trying to melt two families together after a divorce and someone remarries, only it's three times the melting. So anyone who thinks the women in plural marriages complain too much or bring up the negatives too often, has only to think of that analogy..We aren't necessarily unhappy, it's just constant adjusting and things to adapt to is all..There are blessings along the way which make it worth it.

Last year we stayed home on New Year's Eve, I hope that's the case this year..so much easier and less complicated. I've never been a have to go out on New Year's Eve person.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

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Soundarya said...

I just started reading your blog after experiencing a morbid curiosity about plural marriage. I won't leave any disgusting/vulgar comments; but how can you live like this?
How can you wake up in the morning and wonder who your husband will sleep with tonight? How can you watch him kissing another woman and not want to cry or puke?
How can you live with knowing that he physically and emotionally cheats on you ALL THE TIME? Doesn't it make you really sad? Don't you feel lonely when you realize that you can never probably take a month-long holiday; just the two of you? What should be a journey of two people supporting and helping each other through life is not that anymore.
I respect your right to live as you please; but it's not for me - EVER. And it's not about loving a man enough to share him. I may love a man- so much so that I think sharing him won't hurt me; but that decision will probably cause our relationship to sour. And if he wants to be shared, he probably doesn't love you all that much anyways. The give and take relationship; the one where you can completely rely on him - that's been compromised, cuz guess what? He has two other people who he loves the same way he loves you and you have no one else.