Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two weeks or so out

I actually left the house yesterday!! Seriously, I am seriously bored. All this hanging around the house is frustrating. Only thing is I seem to have pulled a muscle in my side by getting out of bed on my own instead of asking for help. All in all though I'm doing well post surgery. I've had some moments that have been depressing or blue, but it's getting better.

This hasn't been the "bonding" experience I thought it might be for our family. When I figure out why I'll let you know. Suffice to say that #2 and I are no closer and I feel almost out of place. Older. Too old. Hubby doesn't understand what I'm going through and the constant discomfort I'm in is making me cranky. Maybe when I can drive I'll feel better.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that you are well enough to get "cabin fever". Sorry to hear you pulled something and that things have not worked out as you hoped. Hope to hear more good things soon. withay

3rd... said...

I now read through all the posts I missed.. I feel sad, sad about the tragedy you went through and are still going through, and guilty that I haven't been able to read any posts and support you. Although that is still an odd thing to say since this is cyberscape, but still..
My best friends had the same thing and she also had the most pain from the reconstructive surgery, she had to go back twice to the operating room due to infections, but is all right now and was even able to have a se cond child afterwards. She did get loads of grey hair thoug which kind of always remind us of what she went through and how that all of a sudden set us apart, as I am still grey-hair free...
I am hoping your husband learns to deal with his emotions more, and it might be a good thing to appeal to 1st and 2nd to guide him in this.
It seems 1st has been a great support for you so far, I hope that is still the case. Really hope you write again soon..