Sunday, July 12, 2009

A good one.

I'm back home a week now. It's been the week to buckle down and take care of the cancer business. So I saw the oncologist and the plastic surgeon this week. Also had a full body cat-scan. I'm always afraid of what any test will find and this was no different. I won't know for another day or so and by then it will come mixed up with the pre-surgery visit to the breast surgeon and the total body bone scan. It's almost at the point now where there is no time to freak out so if I'm going to I better hurry up and do it.

Lol did I mention we have been baby sitting the grandkids for three solid days now? Actually, they've been very good. Just tiring.

Then Saturday night we all went to an x-treme wrestling match, which isn't normally my cup of tea but the boys love it and hubby is managing a small group of wrestlers. They are all having a great deal of fun with it and it's nice to see everyone having a good time. Especially hubby. There are just some weeks that I feel my age :)

Oh, a side note about hubby/my sisters and polygamy. (please refer to the post where I mention telling them about our family. ~

I asked my sister what she thought of hubby since this was the first time they met. First she made note that she hadn't really sat down to talk to him, and then, almost under her breath she said: "You finally got a good one." ha! ha!


Hidden Sage said...

Hah! And she admits. I'm glad your sister thinks so, it must be a huge relief for you. :)

makailasmomma1 said...

Hi I just wanted to tell you that I just found your blog a few days ago and have been reading your previous posts and you are in my prayers. I wish you the best throughout your coming trials. I love reading about your life as a 3rd wife. I am a 1st and only wife to my husband and I find it fascinating the life you live. Thanks for posting all of this...and as I said I wish you the best.

Anonymous said...

Babysitting is probably a good thing. For me, staying too busy to obsess on everything that was going on was the plan. Actually, I guess I did obsess...I had lists for everyone, made a phone tree so my Mom did not have to make dozens of calls, etc.
I'm glad your sister told you she liked your hubby, even if it was under her breath!
Still got you in my prayers. Is there going to be anyone who can post some sort of update somewhere...just to let us know you are okay? If you could get someone to drop a line to me on the "other board", I would be happy to let folks know here...Nope that would not have to approve messages...Hmmm. Think on it. At least let us know when your surgery is so we will know when to pray. Withay

Anonymous said...

its funny how acceptance of your choice in partners in the end is important to us...

hey the best thing about the kids not being yours, is that you can give them back lol!!...:D

i was pleased to read you sound in a good place right now, considering the tough things that are happening.

Anonymous said...

Hello you have been tagged/award; check out my blog for details.

new#3 said...

Minty, I can't get to your blog :( help

new#3 said...

Withay, I will send you a PM at the other website we peruse.

Thanks for the prayers chica

Anonymous said...

hello, sorry you could not get to my blog, ugghh!! blogger is acting up with other too..

for the tag... i hope you enjoy it, and i am pleased you got your date..

God willing it will go smoothly