Thursday, May 7, 2009

Yogic Philosophy and such

I am very very tempted to tell my yoga instructor about my living situation. But I probably won't. I'm feeling ambivalent about the yoga at the moment anyway. What I enjoyed about her class when it was at the community college is that because the students were all seniors she went at a relatively slow pace with exercises and understood if there were just some things you couldn't do. Plus there was just the "right" amount of yoga, or yogic as I tend to call it, philosphy without being overbearing. She appears to have had an ephiphany or something because this last class I went to we had 35 minutes of meditation instead of 10 minutes of relaxation. I need a tad more exercise and a tad less spirituality. On the other hand I would so love to have a real friend who would accept and not question my choice of polygamy and I think she possibly would be the one. Will have to think more on it I suppose.

I've tried explaining the purpose of yoga breathing and the concept of being in the NOW to both hubby and #2..neither understands that they could do so much more for themselves to be happier people. Hubby particularly needs to learn the art of relaxation and the positive affects it has on your health etc.


3rd... said...

:) your post made me smile.. I really understand the urge to tell someone about your lifestyle. I have had that feeling so many times, it was one of the reasons I started to blog. I remember talking to my cousin and her telling me about her problems, confiding in me, and me feeling such an urge to confide in her as well.. its hard. You might talk about Big Love at first. See what she thinks about the show..?

new#3 said...

That's a good suggestion 3rd, thanks. You know the thing is Hubby's family, his brother, nieces and nephews and all know how we live. But somehow that's not enough. For instance when my hairdresser suggests we go somewhere I would love to be able to say, "I'm free on Mondays that's #2's" or something like that. Eventually when you make friends they expect to be invited over. That kind of thing. That's one of the things I miss about living alone..having girlfriends over.