Monday, May 18, 2009

Whirling Week

This has been a whirlwind of a week! We are fortunate that nothing all that tragic happened but still Tuesday through this morning was drama filled.

Our niece had a baby, by a man she apparently deeply loves but with whom she can't get along. A few days prior to the blessed event Hubby was behaving in such a way that I knew (because we have this silent communication thing) he was thinking about having a fourth again. If there is one thing that unites #1, #2 and I is our agreement that we do not ever want to add a fourth. We have a million reasons and Hubby agrees only because they are all good reasons. In his heart he would love one more wife, one that was young enough to bear him at least one more child. This has nothing to do with reason at all. So he and I went back and fourth about his behavior. These irrational thoughts of his seem to have passed shortly after his grandniece was born and thankfully didn't cause too much stress but it wasn't a fun few days. In the middle of all this a a day after the new baby girl was born her mother and father had a major blowout which resulted in the new daddy creating chaos - which was resolved as predicted by me, before they brought the baby home. Just for fun, we hired the father a couple of months ago to do a ton of work around our home. It is yet to be finished and has a schedule that is predicated on the young couple's fight and kiss and make up schedule! Another person in our family lost their job; we got a new puppy we didn't need; Hubby and I fought about the kind of puppy, he won and I am resisting falling in love with her and he bought me a lovely present for no reason:)

As far as Hubby's desire for the freedom to have time to search for a fourth or even if all it was was a desire to have alone time (something he never has) - it created interesting interaction between all of us wives...yes, eventually they were drawn into the conflict. We were quietly bonding. I remember one incident where I was particularly distressed, it was my day and Hubby decided on the spur of the moment to take everyone to to a huge flea market about 45 minutes from here. Ordinarily I would have been happy about a family outing like this but I just couldn't put a smile on my face. #2 wasn't going she had to work. She usually hugs everyone good bye as we leave, this time I hugged her, hard. Imagine.

As quickly as our lives got all frantic and complicated, everything has calmed down. Life is back to normal and all is good. I had my first good night's sleep in a week last night and I woke up remember the sound of Hubby's reassuring voice and how it brought me back to that time when we first met. I had a happily content day today, and it wasn't even mine.


Erica said...

I love reading your blog:) I was curious as to why your husband wants another wife so he can have more kids. Aren't you and your family older?

I am a potential looking for a family and I love reading all the different blogs about women who are already in families practicing polygyny. Can't wait to read your next post:)

new#3 said...

Erica your comment made me smile. Yes I guess you could say we are older, especially me! Seriously though, older people very often have babies........that said, I think even though Hubby has three children and two grandchildren some people never stop wanting more. Whether or not they get their wish is quite another matter. I think he knows that practically speaking it would certainly not be ideal to have a baby in our family that was not a grandchild at this point. As I say when asked, where would we put them on the roof?