Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Musings

I am not going to complain today! That is my new mantra. I hope it helps.

My little garden~ Outside my kitchen door I have use of a small part of the yard. There is a small, very small, little slate area and then grass. The landlord said I could do whatever I want back there. So..I made a pot garden! lol Pots with plants on either side of the door. I have lavender, Italian parsley, chives, rosemary and mint on one side. On the other just 2 tomato plants and 1 eggplant. I fret over them every day and water when necessary. No weeding!!! That is the plus side to a pot garden. The downside is ...the plants don't get to big. One tomato plant has just 3 tomatos growing on it, the other has 7! And of course I have no clue as to why one is doing so much better than the's almost like having children.

The beach! ~ I go to the ocean at least once a week. The bay area not so much which is odd because it's easier to get to...I don't know what I would do without the beach.

I have two sisters who haven't spoken in a while because of some rift which they aren't sure they remember. Last weekend I managed to get them together..yay me.

I see my grandchildren almost every day these days. It's lovely.

Years ago I started a Gratitude Journal. It may be something I try again. Haven't had time for painting because of the little ones, but I might be able to start some freelance web writing again. We shall see.

Happy Summer!

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Older and Weiser said...

Awesome! Gardens, no matter what size, bring joy. My 'maters started out lovely. Then the super wet summer pretty much just drowned them. I had plenty of cherry tomatoes to nibble on every day, so I was happy! I pulled up the last two plants today, so my 'mater season is officially over.

I need to get my butt out and get some yard work done, but dang! August in Florida is brutally humid unless you are out at 6am or after 7pm. The rest of the day it is just too blazin' HOT!

You sound in a much better place--and YAY YOU for getting your sisters back on speaking terms. That is awesome. Life is just too dang short for silliness.

Would love to see you post more of your art and have a talent!

I am still trudging through the second book--I only get a few pages done, then I put it up for a while. I did manage to get on a spurt and knock out 20 pages, but it was on a subject I was empassioned about: Mother in Laws! LOL

It truly make me happy that you seem to be finding your happy place--yay YOU!!!!