Friday, January 2, 2009

A New Year with some resolution

New Year's resolutions ar traditional, but I've never been one to make any. I smoke, I tried the quit smoking one a couple of times and it didn't work. I cuss like a "sea going sailor" as my dad would say, I suppose I could promise to cut back on cussing, but why? It's not like I cuss at inappropriate times or places. I could promise to spend less, except I already do that. I might promise to keep in touch with old friends, but we all know that after time old friends either reciprocate or they don't, it's beyond our control. So in thinking about what I could promise for the New Year I've come up with the following things I will TRY - no promises. Promises sometimes get broken and that can lead to disappointment.

1) I will TRY to smoke less. This is a good one. It can't hurt to try to keep this and I honestly think I can do it.
2) Hidden Sage recommended I take a class of some sort as an avenue to meet people and make friends. It's a good sound idea so I will TRY to follow through. If I can't find something at the community college, then I will at the very least join the book club at the library, since reading is a past time of mine that I have allowed to slip away, and since there will be people there to talk to and perhaps find things in common with. I would love eventually to take a photography course.
3) I am going to really TRY to get out of the house every day for one reason or another. Enough said on this, except that not getting out leads to depression - I'm a firm believer in that.
4) I will TRY to write more. Writing feels good.
5) I am going to TRY to find someway of feeling better about wife #2.

FIVE things to try. It seems like a lot of things at first but after all 2009 has 365 days in it. I don't expect to accomplish all five things in one shot. Number 3 will be the easiest and the hardest will be number 5. But I WILL try. Promise.


Hidden Sage said...

My pops had been a smoker for over 40 years and he only quit after reading Allen Carr's 'Easy Way to Quit Smoking.' He takes the book everywhere he goes and reads random pages if he needs the encouragement, it looks like it's working. He's been smoke free for almost an entire year now. You might want to check it out, I met other people that quit smoking b/c of it as well.

Honestly, I'm not fond of the word "try." Something about it implies that you're afraid to dedicate yourself due to fear of failure. It's almost like you're starting something but expecting it to fail. I'd say I 'will' do such and such, and leave it at that. Failure doesn't mean anything.

Having said that, I think that all 5 of what you've set out to accomplish are great. #5 will probably be the toughest, but probably the most insightful. Perhaps you can fulfill #4 by writing about how you accomplished #5! :)

new#3 said...

#5 at the moment would be a small miracle! It's truly the challenge of this marriage for everyone. I'm finding that more and more and it's sad. We all love her on some level but liking her is difficult. Her belief system, her moral code, her personal habits, her personality, her intellect, all are challenging to deal with.
On the other hand, she is very devoted to Hubby, and smiles alot, except when she is pouting - her favorite form of manipulation.
There are some things to admire..but as I have told Hubby - I would never choose her for a college roommate let alone a spouse!
She has longevity on her side, been here for 16 years, gave up alot to be here, and is tightly woven into the family.
This may just be the thing God planned for me to under take - finding a solution to living with her as a way of getting stronger!

3rd... said...

Sometimes I wonder, can we 'not like each other' and still be a happy family? There are family memebers, I mean blood related, which I don't necessarily like. I don't like my aunt. But she's my aunt, and I've accepted her to be the way she is. Sometimes I wonder if we can't do the same between sisterwives. It's harder though. Because people's flaws impact your life directly.. but it should be doable somehow I guess